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Chhutki and Cheero

Manjari Singh's beautiful story and Prashant Soni's vivid
illustrations make the book a delightful read for little ones.

By Manisha Sinha

Manjari Singh has managed to weave a beautiful story dealing with probably one of the commonest fear among children.  

A little girl’s fear of dark takes a back seat in an attempt to make a tiny creature overcome its fear of light. The story subtly unveils how the little girl wins over her fear.

Chhutki like any other child is scared of darkness and hides behind her mother who like any mother gives her daughter reasons enough to not be afraid. She even goes on to tell Chhutki that a fairy will come to meet her in the darkness. Little Chhutki gets busy looking for the fairy with her flickering torchlight. 

One night she hears the sound of someone crying; it was Cheero. The tiny Cheero to Chhutki’s amazement is scared of light. Cheero is equally amazed that Chhutki is not afraid of the light. Chhutki’s fear of darkness disappears while she is attempting to make Cheero comfortable and overcome his fear of light.

The language is easy, sentences are short, and the story uses an emotional touchpoint to make it relatable for children. The vivid illustrations make this simple but thoughtful story a delightful read for little ones.  

Author: Manjari Singh
Illustrations: Prashant Soni
Age: 3 +
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 45
Available in: English and Hindi
Publisher: Eklavya


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