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Batting for equality

Girls can play with toys, while away their time sketching or playing any other sport, but not bat, bowl and score runs because Pa thinks cricket is a boys' game. Little Ramya is different. She wants to play this sport because it is fun.

Manisha Sinha

For decades, cricket has been dominated by men. Only in the recent past, the women took to it and proved their mettle. The beautifully written and illustrated book – Ramya’s Bat – is a wonderful tribute to the women and girls who play this sport.

The story revolves around a little girl Ramya, who watches the boys play cricket, and is keen to bat and score runs. She wants to join the gang of boys and play with them. But the boys refuse to give her a chance because there’s only one bat. The little girl runs to her father for help and asks him to get a bat.

The story is intricately interlaced with Ramya’s burning desire to play cricket and Pa’s efforts to divert her attention to other games and activities. The girl, on the contrary, manages to bring out cricket in everything that she does. Ramya’s determination and self-belief make her a sure shot winner and are sure to woo the young readers too.

The language is easy to grasp, and rhyming words make reading fun. The pictures corresponding with the text are catchy. The activities at the end of the book are a real add-on. And the best deal is how the picture book manages to send across the message of gender equality to the little ones. What a boy can, a girl can do it too. So Ramya’s Bat is a must-read for both.

Book: Ramya’s Bat
Written by: Ritika Subhash
Illustrated by: Chetan Sharma
Age: 2 and above
Pages: 44
Publisher: Ms Moochie Books

Ramya’s Bat is a part of the best-selling World of Ramu and Ramya series.

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