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Giggi and Daddy

There's a story that Daddy tells Giggi every day, and then one day, she tells him the story of her cutest, funniest, and dearestest daddy in the world. The book celebrates dads of all hues and all that they do, the stories that they tell their daughters, and the beautiful bond that they share.

By Ritika Subhash

Giggi and Daddy is a refreshing look at parenthood from inside a father’s mind. Many a tale has been written about a mother’s love and journey from before delivery to after, but it is super fun to experience the excitement of being a father through Giggi’s daddy’s tales (some tall and others probably true).

The bit about Daddy telling Giggi that she came out of his shirt pocket was particularly hilarious and deep, as I saw it as Giggi taking birth from his heart. Isn’t that how all fathers probably feel?

Of course, everyone deserves to be a hero in his/her story, so no wonder Giggi’s dad too boasts about being the multi-tasking, ever-smiling, coolest dad ever! But even cool dads can have low moments. And I love how Giggi becomes the storyteller and let’s daddy know that he is as cool as he says, maybe even more. Ah, stories are so powerful.

Giggi and Daddy is a reflection of the daddies of our time who are ever so proud to take up equal responsibilities in parenting and have no reservations in changing diapers and donning tutus. This book is a wonderful read for all children to see the possibilities of who they can be and what they can do if they let love run their world.  

Giggi and Daddy 
Written by Richa Jha 
Illustrated by Mithila Ananth
Pages: 32 
Age: 3+ 
Published by Pickle Yolk Books

(Ritika is an engineer by education and an education-technology evangelist by passion. She’s currently serving as the Director of Schools for, a  London-based ed-tech firm specifically working in the field of building math and logic skills in children of K10 segment. She’s also authored two children’s book – Let’s Talk About My Feelings for building children’s emotional vocabulary and Ramya’s Bat about a girl who faces gender stereotyping in sports. She also runs a parenting website called 

The book was released in June 2019.

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