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Let's get nutty!

Nuts are one of the best sources of plant-based protein, and they provide a wide range of other nutrients and healthful fatty acids. Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji lists some tasty ways to incorporate nuts in your child’s diet.

1. Blend nuts in smoothies.
2. Add nuts in breakfast cereals and milk.
3. Use on toasted bread as spreads. Make peanut butter at home.
4. Incorporate nuts in baked products, for example, almond cake, pistachio muffins, mixed fruit and nut bread.
5. Use them to garnish or as a thickening agent in soups.
6. Use nuts to make Waldorf salad.
7. Ground till smooth and use as a salad dressing.
8. Add them to various Indian gravies. For example, cashew nuts almonds, peanuts, etc.
9. Can be roasted and salted and consumed as snacks.
10. Make desserts like Badam Ka Halwa, kheer and various Indian dessert/sweet preparations.
11. Use them in sharbats such as Badam Ka Sharbat.
12. Macadamia nuts can be incorporated in your hot beverages.
13. Make various dips to go with multi-grain / wheat crackers and various snacks. A very popular and delectable Kashmiri chutney known as Doon Chetin is made with walnuts.
14. Add nuts in crackers to give that extra crunch.
15. Use almond milk in your coffee.
16. Add hazelnuts and nuts of your choice to make pancakes.
17. You may add nuts to prepare various dessert sauces to be served with pancakes, crepes, ice-creams, and parfaits.
18. Crush the nuts or coarsely grind the nuts and use it to give a crunchy crust to the chicken.
19. Incorporate nuts in pies and tarts.
20. Add roasted pecans or hazelnuts to your casserole dishes, especially the ones made with squash.
21. Nut loaded bars/ granola bars for children can be prepared with various lightly toasted nuts and honey.
22. Chop nuts to make any crisp or crumble topping.
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