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Happy parents create happy kids

Parent Coach Jaswinder Grewal explains that Parent Coaching is a fast growing
professional service that can help keep you stay grounded and create means
and ways to rear your child to be a good human being.

Being a parent is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of life. Do you remember the first few hours of being a parent? Do you remember the tiny baby in your arms and how you showered unconditional love! Do you happen to remember what a great energy flow there was at that precious moment? Did you also feel a bundle of responsibility from which there is no escape? There started your parenting journey!

As a new parent, there is so much on the mind. You are bound to have questions, from caring for a newborn baby to looking after and supporting them in their teen years. While many of us do learn ‘on the job’, but you may struggle to make do with the skills and resources that you have to meet the daily needs and challenges of parenthood. Luckily, help is around the corner, only if you seek it!

Here walks in a Parent Coach in your life. Parent coaching is truly a transformational process rather than a problem-solving partnership.

Coaching helps you change yourself in many fundamental ways. Together in this shared relationship, one can expect miracles as you move along in this sacred zone of confidence, trust, synergy towards finding your solutions.

Coaches are not there to give any advice; they catalyze creativity, trigger thinking in the parents they work with. The whole process is hugely self-empowering.

The transition from being married and being a parent is a journey filled with changing roles and added responsibilities, and it can be very overwhelming. There are priorities to be changed, certain needs to be pushed aside, certain new ones to be added. Parent coaching is an effort to help parents create a happy and balanced family life, energizing and drawing forth the highest, creative expression of the entire family and moving ahead each day with ease and learning.

As parents, every day there will be challenges. How we address these challenges is what is most significant. Parents are sometimes stressed trying to find the right way, yet well-intentioned and wanting to do their best. In the midst of this exhaustion and chaos, what if parents could work with a parent coach, a well-trained compassionate professional with impeccable training and work ethos. Wouldn’t parents begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel working with such wonderful, passionate professionals?

Parent Coaching is a fast growing professional service that can help keep you stay grounded and create means and ways to rear your child to be a good human being. The parent-coach partnership reduces parental stress, impart important resources, and most importantly helps parents be aware of their own strengths, strengths in their family, their inner wisdom, and feel competent to bring up their children in profound ways.  All that you, as parents need to do is to recognise and develop your skills. It works on the idea that you have all the answers. It is not only for new parents but parents at any stage can take this helping hand from coaches.

Our society is at a critical crossroads, with so many children struggling with so many issues. Some have learning difficulties too and the pressure on the child can initiate another set of challenges.

One of my client’s had a worrying challenge as her kid refused to go to school. This issue can crop up at some time and reasons could be many and it is important to identify those.

Questioning, a very important technique in coaching, is what the coach does. Right questions lead the conversation in the right direction. Through skilled questioning, this parent was able to realise and hold a belief that there is something that is working. When we ask the parent an appreciative question and answer is bound to crop up. I used appreciative Inquiry to empower the parent to dig out resources that can be used in this situation. This always helps as it starts with a positive tone.

The first step was to identify the problem correctly. Is it peer pressure, low grades, overload, insecurity or the child’s way of coping? Is someone bullying him? Does he require more attention? So we needed to investigate every possibility. 

After a conversation, what came forward was a low performance at school. In this fast-paced culture, parents find it hard to spend enough time with their kids. Lack of time causes anxiety and pressure to handle everything in a short period. And hence the challenge of managing a situation.

Next stage was to discover and find out through well-crafted questions what is working at present. What works well with the child? How are they able to influence the kid? When does the child respond positively to the parent? How are they able to find more time with the kid?

The next step was helping the parents to create a vision, a dream of what they want in the future now once they have discovered and created an image.

Then we needed to strategies, create ideas, reflect on the resources and create an action plan of who does what and when. Also what new could be added? And deliver and live it.

It was my turn as a coach to show that it is happening, to help parents gather the resources to make sure they know that there is a way forward and to acknowledge when a change is happening and encouraging them along the way.

As a coach, I have found parents coming up with their ideas and streamlining them as their parenting techniques. Here, in this case, both parents worked out a routine where they would divide the responsibility of spending time with the child and help him with learning and also playing with him. In this playful atmosphere, they could find his concerns and help him to be happier and confident to go to school regularly. Of course, it took some time and patience through the journey. Positive changes take time. There are no short cuts. 

Techniques need to be discovered, implemented, and finally adopted as a family. Coaching is a revitalizing, quick process; it’s hard for parents to give up as a support system. It is an adventure of self-discovery. For most clients, it simply makes plain sense to work with one person continually who knows the details of your family, your lifestyle, cherishes your stories, your good and not so good experiences and works hard with you to nurture your dreams with her/his expertise.

Being a parent is about making choices, and many of us can doubt if it is the right ones? How do you cope with the fear? Your parent coach will work with you to identify your concern and help you overcome it.

How are sessions conducted?

Coaching sessions can take place over the phone, over a video call, Skype or in person. Your parent coach will listen to you, be your soundboards.They will ask you a series of questions to gain an understanding of the current challenges you are facing.

Each family is unique, so your coaching sessions and methods learnt will be tailor-made for you. You may be asked to keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings. Your coach may suggest making a note of the moments and bringing it with you to sessions. 

Every coach has his/her way of working and the models and tools. Typically, a coaching programme will consist of four to six, one-hour sessions. Each session will begin by discussing your goals, talking about how you are feeling and what worked during the week. Together, you will explore your challenges and devise actions to practice in between sessions.

When your coaching programme is coming to an end, you are encouraged to reflect and review your progress, writing the skills and tooled you have gathered and how things have changed for you and your child. You will decide together if you are ready to end the sessions, or if you would prefer to extend the course a little longer to gain more confidence in moving on your own.

Wherever you are on your parental journey, remember you are not alone. There is support available, and when you are ready, we, as coaches are here to walk with you towards happiness and fulfilling parent life.

And when you commit, when you are ready to accept a change, give it time, it delivers big time!

Happy parenting!


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