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#Letstalktoourboys is an effort by The Parentslogue and Connected: This campaign is an effort by The Parentslogue and Connected: Women for Women to prepare parents for their boy’s puberty.
Like girls, puberty hits boys too; hormonal changes lead to emotional and physical changes, and the process is almost similar, albeit a bit delayed in boys. 
But the rules of dealing with it are different. We handle a girl’s puberty with much caution. We become protective. We are engaged. We talk. We care. We become involved. 
But do we do the same for our boys? Do we ever sit down and talk to them about it at point blank range? Do we care to inform, educate and make them aware of what happens, why it happens, when it happens, where it happens, whom to ask, and how to deal with it? We don’t. Either because we are shy and embarrassed or we are clueless about it. 
Boys need all the tender love and care, especially from their parents, to deal with the issues that come along with puberty to become the man we want them to be. Be it physical changes or emotional upheavals that are triggered by hormones; parents need to be armed well in advance. 
Remember, if we don’t do it for our boys, then it would be someone else, and that source of info could be either his peers or the Net, and it may not be the best one.      
So here’s kickstarting a meaningful conversation around this topic because we think it will go a long way in making it easier for both boys and their parents to tackle this issue, and make the growing up process better for everyone’s good. 
Looking forward to a healthy exchange of best practices in this regard. 
(Note:  We here means parents at large, not someone in particular so please refrain from trivialising the matter or digressing from the subject. The issue here is to let us know how you did it or how do you plan to do it? Share your knowledge/experience so that some other parent somewhere else can benefit from it.)

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