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A Paper for Kids That Cares, Shares and Dares

Inspired by the Care.Share.Dare values of Robinhood, RobinAge’s content is designed to encourage children to care for their surroundings and environment,  share the joy of reading and learning and dare to act upon their dreams and ambitions.

Come April 17, RobinAge will celebrate its 11th anniversary. The award-winning weekly newspaper for children aged 4 to 15 years is the brainchild of Raj Arora, who always dreamt of creating a newspaper forum for kids, by kids; it was his dream that led to the conception and birth of RobinAge in 2008.

The idea was to make reading a habit. “At the time RobinAge was conceived, there wasn’t a complete newspaper that catered to everything children wanted to know about. RobinAge was created to make reading an exciting and entertaining experience with the hope of inculcating reading as a regular habit. It was also designed to be the ‘Voice of Children’ as children’s opinions matter, and that’s what we want them to know. Children thus create 25% of the paper and almost 50% of the content on our website,,” says Arora, who started his career with the legendary Chandamama, and today publishes RobinAge under the aegis of his publishing house, Deep Prakash.

The paper lives up to its name,  inspired by the Care.Share.Dare values of Robinhood. “Our content is therefore designed to encourage children to care for their surroundings and environment, share the joy of reading and learning and dare to act upon their dreams and ambitions,” says Riddhima Krishnamurthy, co-founder and Head of Business Development.

Solid foundation

RobinAge was conceived after many months of research that included talking to children, parents, teachers and principals. The research helped Arora and his team decide on the family of fonts, font size, paper quality and proportion of print to pictures. “For example, the 70 GSM art paper used was selected specifically to enhance colours, and the paper is pinned through the centre for ease in reading. The size of the paper is perfect for young hands to hold,” says Arora.

He adds that the motto of Care.Share.Dare set the bar for the content the team would create and the activities they would promote. The paper carries only positive news and informs children about what’s happening around them without them having to go through the daily newspapers that carry sensational news. It carries children’s writing and opinions, news, general knowledge, science, environment, technology, history, careers, art and craft, recipes, stories, recommended books and products, pet care, workshops, activities, puzzles, games and lots more.

“Apart from reading RobinAge for pleasure and doing all the fun activities it carries, kids use it for their project work and to enhance general knowledge. Certain schools also design classroom content based on RobinAge’s content,” quips Krishnamurthy.

Editorial strength

The paper is produced by an in-house team of writers, editorial staff and proofreaders to ensure high-quality content. The contributing writers include specialists in the fields of language development, child psychology and development, values and mythology, fiction writing, mathematics, science and more.

Number game

RobinAge is hugely popular among young readers because the content is educational yet entertaining and fun; it speaks to children in their language, is socially responsible, concerned with the development of children and interactive. No wonder, the weekly children’s newspaper reaches 1.3 lakh readers across 3,200 schools in the country and has been named the Best Newspaper & Magazine in India by KidsStopPress for three consecutive years. “It is available pan-India via subscription. Parents and schools can subscribe by visiting and copies are delivered weekly by post,” says Krishnamurthy. Get a copy for your child, and help him or her care, share and dare.

Other RobinAge properties

RobinAge Bright Sparks Awards

  • Incepted in 2014, the RobinAge Bright Sparks Awards is an annual award programme designed to encourage and enhance creative thinking in children.
  • “Children are judged in three categories—poetry, art and writing. Each year we get thousands of entries that are then judged by eminent personalities like sculptor Arzan Khambatta and others,” says Arora.

The Bright Sparks Centre

  • Started in 2014 as an extension of the RobinAge brand and mission.
  • Bright Sparks offers afterschool and vacation workshops to get children to think, do, create, learn and most importantly, assimilate knowledge.
  • Classes include music, theatre, chess, creative writing, art, science, robotics and mathematics, which are taught by leading organisations and individuals in their field.

The RobinAge Store

  • The RobinAge Store is an online store for discerning Indian parents, curated by RobinAge.
  • The store features RobinAge’s favourite stuff for kids, from toys and games to books, return gifts and more.

RobinAge Loves: A Blog for Parents

  • RobinAge Loves is a parenting guide that features advice, activities, events, workshop updates, new books and product recommendations.
Co-founder and head of business development Riddhima Krishnamurthy with Arora

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