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Milk? Yes, please

Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji lists ways to jazz up milk so that your little one has no reason to refuse it. So that milk remains healthy and you remain happy.

There are many easy ways to make milk more interesting. Just do it by adding natural colours, flavours and fruits. You can make it fun to drink by using different types of straws, funky glasses of different shapes and colors, colored ice cubes with fruits cut in cubes frozen in it. Here are some fun ideas.

  • Breakfast Cereals

Milk can be mixed in with fortified cereals or oatmeal, which are usually flavoured. Milk can be either warm or cold, Ensure that it does not go soggy, that is add cereals just before serving it. You can add crunchy nuts and raisins. You may also add cubed fresh fruits too.

  • Add milk to dishes that your children love to eat

Milk can also be added to dishes like scrambled eggs / omelettes, it not only helps to mask the stink of the eggs also it makes the eggs fluffier and it is an excellent idea to incorporate milk in the dish. Pastas can have sauces like cream sauce and cheese sauce which has milk added to it. Add milk to soups. Knead parathas with milk. Pancakes with fresh fruit sauces. Porridge can definitely have a makeover from boring to colourful, delectable and nutritious.

  • Iced milk

You can also make iced milk for your child. Combine milk with fruits, sugar, flavouring agents like vanilla / Honey/ Matcha/ Pineapple, whip them till they are frothy and pour in colourful glasses and chill it in the refrigerator.

  • Frozen milkshake

Milkshakes can be frozen in various cartoon shaped / funky moulds for attracting children to consume milk. Kulfis are simply adored by children.


  • Flavoured milk

You can mix in a variety of flavours to jazz up milk. The most adored by kids is chocolate, but you can try out the cinnamon, strawberries, vanilla extract, green cardamom, Saffron, Pistachio powder, Almond powder and honey.

  • Delectable smoothies

Milk can be made into delectable smoothies by adding fresh seasonal fruits, nuts, ice cream, yoghurt and cream. Some popular ones are mango smoothie, banana smoothie, strawberry smoothie, figs and honey smoothie, and almond smoothie.

  • Coloured milk

Jazz up the dull colored milk by adding a few drops of natural food colour. You may add multiple natural colours to make it a more colourful and vibrant drink. Think of creating a rainbow.

  • Milk-based desserts

Kheer, Phirni, Payesh, fruit custards and puddings can be made by the addition of milk. Date Pudding, chocolate puddings are some of the best examples to incorporate milk.

  • Milk-based baked products

Milk cakes, muffins, cookies, bread rolls and buns can be made by incorporating milk in it.

  • Fritters

Fritters can be prepared by adding milk to the batter. For example sweetcorn fritters.


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