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Certified life coach Jolly Priya gives us a rundown of life coaching for children.

Children have so much to deal with these days. And sadly, they don’t know where to go and whom to talk to. Parents either don’t understand or are prescriptive. They seem to have answers for all the problems but these solutions don’t resonate well with the child. Sometimes, your child only needs a patient ear, someone who can listen, understand and help them clear the cobweb in their heads without judging them. This is exactly what a life coach does. “We listen to kids, we listen to parents, and prepare a summary of understanding and provide feedback for both the parties,” says Jolly Priya, certified life coach.

What is life coaching for children?

We assume children to be problem free and happy always. However, this may not be true. They do have their share of worries, anxiety and stress.

In today’s times, parents are getting busier, conversations are becoming transactional, relatives are not accessible, and expectations run high, the kids need support.

Life coaching helps them open up and speak about their problems. Each child has a different need, and hence the sessions are tailored to their needs, learning type and their personality. Reaching to the heart of their problem with speed and empower them to make positive life changes. Coaching does not believe in prescribing; instead it focuses on diagnosing and supporting.

A certified life coach and founder of Golden Sun, Jolly Priya is an expert in human behaviour, and certified to assess emotions, and empower you to deal with the problems, head on.

We talk to the child in a structured format. The duration of these sessions can be between 45 minutes and an hour. The number of sessions depends on the severity of the situation and the need of the child.

We promise confidentiality, one to one attention, professional handling and accurate feedback.

Our younger generation does not need advice, they need empathy and want you to trust them. Let’s provide this to them.

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