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Frozen foods: The choice of new-age moms

Mithun Appaiah, CEO, Innovative Foods Limited, Brand Sumeru,
lists a delectable way to welcome summer.

The ongoing summer vacation has given mothers the much-needed break from lunch packing, refreshments and the morning rush. But now they need to a lot more thought into “what different to prepare for their kids”.

Moms being mom, they are always quick to whip up something exciting in a jiffy. Unlike the good old days where limited options available to satisfy the hunger pangs of the kids, today there’s a plethora of option to choose, from cooking up exciting dishes at the home, to food that can be ordered at the touch of a button. But here too, beyond a point, kids get bored of this. 

This summer why not look at something from the frozen stable? Yes, frozen foods. Frozen foods have been around for a while. Walk into a mall or a grocery store, and you can see a variety of frozen foods up for grabs.

Today, the frozen food category embraces every classification of food, including appetisers and snacks, vegetables, fruits, beverages, breakfast items, baked goods, main courses and desserts, advances in food science and research will provide consumers with an increasing range of healthy, affordable and delicious frozen foods.

Indians have a fixed mindset about frozen foods. Technological advancements and experts from the field are continually finding new ways to help us eat better and spend smarter. For example, frozen foods which are manufactured using the latest IQF Technology and Flash Freezing methods are not something to think twice about. It is a great advantage for the consumer. Simple freezing leads to the formation of large ice crystals in the cells of the product/produce, thereby leading to loss of nutrients, texture and taste. However, the advantage that IQF has over normal freezing is that it deactivates enzymes and prevents the formation of large ice crystals in cells of the produce thereby preserving the taste, texture and nutrients in them.

This summer season, treat the taste buds of your little ones from Sumeru’s protein-rich chicken nuggets, cheese pops, cheese chillies, french fries, cheese corn nuggets, chicken spicy strips, chicken and egg roll to name a few.

So, moms the next time you go to a mall or a grocery store, be sure to look out for our delicious Sumeru Paratha range in the closest freezer.


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