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No kidding: Kiddle is for children only​

Check out a search engine explicitly customized for kids that keep them safe
from the adult web and also the dark internet.

Nowadays the internet has become an essential part of a child’s growing up years, both for learning (projects) as well as entertainment purposes. However, like fire, internet (the world wide web) is a good servant but a bad master (Remember how many kids stumbled upon the Blue Whale Challenge that led to many a suicides? Or even the concern over the cartoon character Peppa Pig?) The need of the hour thus is kid-friendly search engines, where Kiddle has tried to take the lead. 

Kiddle is a child-specific visual search engine supported by Google which prevents the appearance of things that are not suitable for them. It offers safe kids web. Editors vet the results of images and video search results.

What makes Kiddle different?
  • Safe search
  • Kids-oriented results 
  • Big thumbnails
  • Large Arial font
  • Privacy

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