About US

We are a digital publishing platform founded by conscientious parents — Shillpi A Singh and AjayDev Singh — based out of New Delhi. We are here to start a meaningful conversation about the child and you, and will cover all that matters to them. From taking an Aerial View of an issue to knowing a person Inside Out, from Etcetera that will have all fun things to do, movies to binge with kids, good food that clears kids’ taste test, and everything in between, to giving you food for thought with our Opinion pieces that will work towards creating Ubuntu. Taken from the Zulu proverb Ubuntu which says: “I am a person through other people. My humanity is tied to yours.” Likewise, The Parentslogue is an attempt to connect WE, the parents. If Ubuntu is the essence of being human and means that one can’t exist in isolation. Similarly, parents can’t live as just individuals, separated from one another. We at The Parentslogue will speak about our interconnectedness and how what one does affect many others. 
The Parentslogue is a sincere attempt at bringing the parenting community spread all over, closer to one another. To stay connected. To stay informed. And become mindful parents. Happy reading!