Add a dash of spunk to your kid’s hygiene set with Origami’s quirky 3D pop-up tissue paper boxes

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Bengaluru-based company has tied up with a European design house to produce these boxes that can also be customised for bulk orders.

Washing hands at regular intervals is a compulsory hygiene routine for most of us, especially children in the post-COVID world, followed by wiping. A cloth towel or hanky is the first choice to wipe one’s skin clean, but cloth needs washing, drying and sanitising to keep germs and viruses at bay. The next viable and also the most popular option for wiping is the humble tissue because you can simply wipe, pat dry and dispose of the soiled tissue in the bin and thanks to a few eco-conscious companies like Origami, most of these are bio-degradable ones. So tissue papers are convenient, comfortable and good for the environment too.

But gone are the days when these boxes bore a mundane look, and extracting a tissue out was a clumsy affair. Tissue paper product supplier Origami continues to swarm and charm the Indian paper tissue market with its array of responsibly sourced, out-of-the-box creations. The Make In India’ company’s latest addition to its vast range of products features a delightful tissue box that features a series of light-hearted, pop-up designs rendered in 3D that capture the eye instantly. 

Equipped with bright hues and pleasing figurines, the boxes act as a small greeting card, filling any environ they are placed in with joy and bursts of colour – from beautifully rendered elephants and giraffes to elegant butterflies and cuddly bears that feature an intricate production process. The boxes pop up once opened like a pleasing greeting card and come filled with premium three-ply tissues that are gentle on the skin (similar to Origami’s Luxuria and So..Soft range) and can be used anywhere – to decorate children’s rooms, brighten office spaces or even as a quirky accessory on a makeup artist’s table. Each box features 60 pulls of luxurious 3 Ply tissues and is priced at Rs 160.

Origami Founder Manoj Pachisia reveals that the inspiration for these boxes came from the need to lighten the mood set by the global pandemic of 2020. “We felt that we can find joy even in small everyday products amidst the gloom of the (ongoing) contagion. It seemed to be a perfect time to launch the 3D Pop-Up boxes – these bring a smile to your face no matter what your age, and how rough your day has been!” he says.

The Bengaluru-based company has tied up with a European design house that they chanced upon at an exhibition to produce these boxes, and claim that the 3D boxes can be customised for large orders to suit different environs and moods, be it a whimsical design for beauty salons, youthful artwork to brighten up schools or a branding exercise for corporate companies. ”It’s a really fun and beautiful product that our patrons (at any age) can find joy in,” says Pachisia.

As charming as the boxes are, they’re equally easy on the environment and to the touch, a feature synonymous to the Origami moniker: “The tissues and packaging are biodegradable, however, we’d love for buyers to keep the box as a collectible,” says Pachisia.

These never-seen-before quirky tissue boxes are the perfect addition to your kid’s hygiene set, after all, every wash needs a wipe, isn’t it?

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